Xplore Micro-Compounder

The Xplore Micro-Compounder is designed to address the most frequent and difficult problems encountered by the material scientist; limited quantities, abrasive materials, corrosive materials, highly filled materials, efficient mixing of nano-particles, and rapid turnaround. The barrel and screws are made of proprietary materials using a powdered metal process. The advantage is not only that the researcher can efficiently mix and process abrasive materials at extreme pH and high temperatures, he can use fast and aggressive cleaning techniques to dramatically reduce the cycle time and increase the throughput. High power heaters and liquid cooling provide rapid heating and cooling to further reduce cycle time. The Xplore Vari-Batch option offers the ability to efficiently mix quantities down to 2 cm3 using the 5 cm3 version of the Micro-Compounder and down to 3 cm3 using the 15 cm3 version. In addition to operating in the batch mode, the recycle valve can be left in the open position, a continuous feed hopper added and the Micro-Compounder can be used in a continuous mode as a conventional twin screw extruder.

Technical specifications

  • Abrasion resistant barrel (hardness 60 HRc), coating hardness 2000 Vickers
  • Barrel and screws chemically resistant between pH 0 – 14
  • Batch volume: 15 ml (Vari
  • BatchTM: 3, 7 and 15 ml)
  • Batch volume: 5 ml (Vari
  • BatchTM: 2 and 5 ml)
  • Vertical barrel, fluid
  • tight
  • Heated by 8 thermo cartridges and controlled by 7 thermo couples (temperature gradient possible)
  • Temperature control: in the melt and 2×3 barrel heating zones
  • Detachable conical screws, fully intermeshing (hardness 54 HRc), coating hardness 1000 Vickers
  • Maximum operating temperature 400 °C (optionally 450 °C)
  • Easy to clean with dedicated cleaning cycle
  • Heating time (from 80 to 240 °C) in less than 10 min
  • Cooling time (from 240 to 80 °C) with cooling water in less than 10 min, with air in less than 35 min
  • Acquisition of rheological data (screw torque, melt viscosity, average shear rate)
  • Maximum vertical force: 8 kN (optionally 9 kN)
  • Screw speed: continuously variable 1
  • 250 RPM (400 RPM 5 cm3 version)
  • Hopper volume: 15 ml (5 ml for 5 cm3 version)
  • Supply voltage: 208
  • 240 V AC, others on request
  • Main drive: DC controlled, 900 Watt (5300 Watt, 5 cm3 version)
  • Computer control via: USB port
  • Maximum torque: 10 Nm per screw
  • Overall dimensions (h x b x d): 103 x 73 x 42 cm3
  • Weight 150 kg

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