Xplore Film line

The Xplore film lines make it possible to extrude high quality film down to thicknesses of 5 microns depending upon the material. This can be done when using the compounder in the batch mode or in the continuous mode. This is possible because the Micro-Compounder has a force feedback mode that maintains a constant die head pressure even as the barrel empties. The 65 mm film line includes heaters and additional controller for the larger die and 98mm wide rollers. It can produce film that is 50-55 mm wide ( about 2 inches ) which is perfect for permeation tests. The 35 mm film line is a more economical system which is also compatible with both versions of the Micro-Compounder.

65 mm Film Line Technical Specifications:
Film line dimensions: L 43 x W 25 x H 16 cm3
Weight: ca. 10 kg
Air knife W 74 mm
2 Drum winders: W 98 x D 75 mm2, 1 speed controlled 100 – 5000 mm/min
1 torque controlled, 230 adjustable increments of 1 Nmm
Temperature controlled film die: width 65 mm, slit height between 0.2 and 0.6 mm

Control box with integrated operating display to control drum winder, speed and torque
Control box with integrated operating display to control die temperature
Supply voltage: 115 or 230 Volts

Custom defined height of the slit die
Custom defined surface finish of the slit die
Continuous feeding kit for use with a DSM Xplore compounder which consists of: Water-cooled top hopper
Continuous feeding screws and/or forced feeding screws (enhanced feeding zone)
Additional drum winder(s) for stretching

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