Metravib ROB100/DMA+450

Based on an original mechanical system (ACOEM patent), The ROB 100 ensures the mastery of mounting conditions of each specimen and guarantees unique measurement reproducibility. In addition, it allows the definition of the method and conditions for each individual sample and can run multiple tests on a single sample. The ROB 100 allows the operator to optimize laboratory productivity to accomplish the analysis of a large number of formulations.

450ROB100Excitation & measurement channels

Frequency min 1 Hz
Frequency max 200 Hz
Frequency max option 1000 Hz
Dynamic force max 900 N *
Dynamic force min 0.005 N *
Dynamic force resolution <0.0003 N
Dynamic displacement max 6 mm *
Dynamic displacement min 0.5 μm *

Dynamic displacement resolution <2 nm

Static displacement range 6 mm
Thermal chamber & environment control
Thermal chamber internal dimensions (HxD)70 x 80mm
Temperature (standard thermal chamber) max 450°C
Temperature min – Cryogenic N2 -150°C
Temperature min – Air chiller option -70°C
Modulus min 500 Pa
Modulus max 3E12 Pa
Modulus Measurement range >6 decades
Tan delta resolution 0.00001

* peak to peak

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