Metravib DMA+1000/2000

The capabilities of the new Metravib DMA+ 1000/2000 truly break new ground in field of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis. The frequency range of the system extends from 10-5 to 1000 Hz and the force range is +/-1000 N. The addition of the Multitest software adds the capability to do fatigue testing. The addition of the microscope adds the capability to do crack grow testing. And, the addition of the HFC 200 adds the ability to do coupled calorimetry. Edu Ruiz, et al of Ecole Polytech in Montreal recently used this technique to simultaneously measure modulus, cure, and shrinkage on pre-pregs and thermoset resins. Of course, all of this is in addition to the standard DMA geometries; three point bend, single & dual cantilever, planer shear, film shear, tension and compression, etc.

Technical specifications

DMA+300 DMA+1000 DMA+2000
Frequency (min) 0.00001Hz 0.00001Hz 0.00001Hz
Frequency (max) 200Hz 200Hz 200Hz
Frequency (max – option) 1000Hz 1000Hz 1000Hz
Dynamic force (Peak to Peak) 300N 1000N 2000N
Dynamic displacement (max) 12mm 12mm 12mm

Thermal chamber & environment control
Internal dimensions (HxWxD) 150 mm x 150 mm x150 mm
Temperature (max) + 500°C
Temperature (min: air chiller option) -70°C
Temperature (min: liquid nitrogen source option) -150°C
Controlled Oxygen atmosphere (option) 10ppm to 20% O2

DMA+300 DMA+1000 DMA+2000
Modulus (min) 250 Pa 500 Pa 500 Pa
Modulus (max) 3E12 Pa 3E12 Pa 3E12 Pa
Measurement range 7 decades 6 decades 6 decades

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